The lectures will given in ILL Chadwick Amphitheatre  March 25th 2019 from 10 am to 6 pm and lunch will be offered to all registered attendees in IBS Hall



9h50  Opening / Welcome by IBS Director


10h00 - Muriel Delepierre (Institut Pasteur - Paris - FR): "Biological NMR in France in the 80's "


10h35 - Marc-André Delsuc (IGBMC - Illkrich - FR): " Dominique, in Phase with NMR, in Resonance with Biology, to Transform modern Science "


11h10 - Coffee break


11h40 - Françoise Guerlesquin (CNRS Marseille - FR): "NMR of metalloproteins : a wonderful life"


12h15 - Jo Zaccai (IBS/ILL - Grenoble  - FR): "The early days of Structural Biology in Grenoble"


13h00 - Lunch in IBS Hall


15h00 - Ad Bax (NIH - Bethesda- USA): "1, 2, 3, ...  How many dimensions do we need?"


15h35 - Mitsu Ikura (University of Toronto - CA): "The Birth of Triple-Resonance Experiments for Protein NMR at NIH"


16h10 - Coffee break


16h40 - Gerhard Wagner (Harvard Medical School - Boston - USA): "Observing the development of protein NMR from the beginning"



17h15 - Dominique Marion (IBS Grenoble - FR): " Spin and science evolution"





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