Posters will be on display in the IBS Conference room and should be set up on Tuesday during lunch time. Odd and even numbered posters will be presented on Tuesday (7-9 pm) and Wednesday (12-2 pm), respectively. A third poster session is scheduled Thursday (12-2pm) during lunch time.


P01 Beate BERSCH (IBS – FR) Structural Basis of Membrane Protein Translocation Through the Mitochondrial Intermembrane Space


P02 Takanori KIGAWA (RIKEN – JP) Cell-free protein synthesis for advanced isotopic labeling


P03 Francois-Xavier THEILLET (I2BC – FR) α-Deuteration makes kinases more amenable to NMR studies


P04 Galia DEBELOUCHINA (UCSD – USA) A Molecular Engineering Toolbox for Integrated Chromatin Structural Biology


P05 Sigrid MILLES (IBS – FR) The Measles virus phosphoprotein – an intrinsically disordered chaperone that regulates nucleocapsid assembly


P06 Loïc SALMON (CRMN – FR) Looking into chaperone assisted protein folding using NMR spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography and Molecular Dynamic Simulations


P07 Jacob ANGLISTER (Weizmann Institute – IL) Observation of Intermolecular Transferred-NOE interactions in a 40 kDa Complex: MAP Kinase p38α interactions with its recognition motif


P08 Ricarda TÖRNER (IBS – FR) Selective Edition of Intra- vs. Inter- Subunit NOEs : A New Tool to Study Large Protein Complexes


P09 Sarah WALDIE (ILL – FR) Cholesterol Deuteration and Exploitation for the Study of HDL/LDL Exchange Phenomena in Atherosclerosis


P10 Vinardas KELPŠAS (Lund University – SE) Development of Escherichia coli Strains for Protein Perdeuteration


P11 Olga VITSYNA (Leibniz University Hannover – DE) Structural studies of the 5'-UTR of HCV RNA by solid-state NMR based structural biology


P12 Emil SPREITZER (Medical University of Graz – AT) Deciphering the Molecular Regulatory Mechanisms of FUS Phase Separation


P13 Nadia IZADI-PRUNERYE (Institut Pasteur – FR) Integrative Structural Biology of bacterial nano-machines


P14 Hermann HEUMANN (Silantes GmbH – DE) In vivo-stable isotopic labeling of animal models such as mice, zebrafish for quantitative proteomics and metabolomics.


P15 Hannes FEYRER (Karolinska Institut – SE) Making RNA at maxium purity and yield with minimal effort and cost


P16 Roman LIGHTENECKER (University of Vienna – AT) Late metabolic precursors – advantages in selectivity and efficiency concerning cell-based protein isotope labeling


P17 Denis LACABANNE (ETH Zurich - CH) Selective unlabeling strategies of a 120 kDa membrane protein for solid-state NMR spectroscopy


P18 Daniel HAÜSSINGER (University of Basel – CH) Intrinsic paramagnetic χ-tensors of lanthanide tags by isotopic labelling


P19 Wiktor ADAMSKI (IBS – FR) Site-specific description of disordered protein dynamics from NMR relaxation modelling


P20 Stefi BENJAMIN (King’s College – UK) Selective labelling of IgE-Fc to study allosteric communication upon ligand binding using NMR


P21 Florent BERNAUDAT (ESRF/ILL Grenoble - FR) The Partnership for Structural Biology (PSB)


P22 Mathilde BERTONI (CBMN – FR) Production and assembly of isotopically labeled a-synuclein amyloid fibrils


P23 Oliver BOGOJEVIC (Lund University – SE) Novel Routes to Deuterated Lipids for Neutron Studies


P24 Serge BOUAZIZ (Université Paris Descartes – FR) Interaction between HIV Maturation Inhibitors and HIV-1 GAG precursor


P25 Attia BOUCHRA (LISM – FR) Structural characterization of the GtlJ protein and its interactions with the cytoplasmic platform during the adventurous motility of Myxococcus xanthus


P26 Catherine BOUGAULT (IBS – FR) Proton-detected NMR spectroscopy at 100 kHz MAS frequency on uniformly-labeled intact bacterial peptidoglycan


P27 Francesca CAPORALETTI (ILL – FR) Resolving the DNA interaction of the MexR antibiotics resistance regulatory protein


P28 Nina-Eleni CHRISTOU (IBS – FR) Light-induced changes in the conformational dynamics of a reversibly photo-switchable fluorescent protein revealed by NMR spectroscopy


P29 Elodie CRUBLET (NMR-Bio – FR) Innovative Labeling Techniques to Tackle Challenging Therapeutic Targets by NMR Spectroscopy


P30 Guillaume DAVID (IBCP – FR) A combination of wheat germ cell-free expression and solid state NMR for structural studies of challenging membrane proteins


P31 Clément DÉGUT (University of York – UK) TRBP and PACT pose stoichiometric questions for Dicer complex assembly


P32 Juliette DEVOS (ILL – FR) Characterizing Lectin-Glycan Interactions using Perdeuteration and Neutron Diffraction experiments


P33 Zoë FISHER (Lund University – SE) DEMAX: Deuteration and Macromolecular Crystallization Support labs for the European Spallation Source


P34 Daniel FRIEDRICH (Leibniz Institut – DE) Insight into Small Molecule Binding to the Neonatal Fc Receptor by X-ray Crystallography and 100 kHz Magic-Angle-Spinning NMR


P35 Darren HART (ISBG – FR) User access to high-level research platforms through EU Instruct and French FRISBI programs


P36 Sabine HEDIGER (CEA Grenoble - FR) Selective High-resolution DNP-enhanced NMR of Biomolecular Binding Sites


P37 Faustine HENOT (IBS – FR) Role of Protein Dynamics in Residence Time of HSP90 Ligands


P38 Manon JULIEN (I2BC – FR) BRCA2 breast cancer variants: protein phosphorylation kinetics


P39 Kumar Tekwani MOVELLA (Max Planck Institute – DE) α-PET - new probes in proteins for proton detected solid-state NMR


P40 Isabelle LEBARS (CNRS– FR) The yeast C/D box snoRNA U14 adopts a K-turn conformation in solution


P41 Antoine LOQUET (CBMN – FR) Raising the sensitivity limits of biological solid-state NMR by combining spin dilution, 1H-detection, very-fast MAS and DNP


P42 Agathe MARCELOT (I2BC – FR) Phosphorylation of BAF, a small protein at the interface between the nucleoskeleton and DNA


P43 Sofia MARIASINA (Lomonosov University – RU) NMR solution studies of the WBSCR27 protein


P44 Laura MARIÑO (University of the Balearic Islands – ES) Shedding light on the effects of glycation on the protein structure


P45 Sophie McKENNA (Imperial College London – UK) Structural and dynamic characterisation of Streptococcus pyogenes cell-envelope proteinase (SpyCEP)


P46 Martine MOULIN and Valerie LAUX (ILL – FR) Production of perdeuterated lipids for structural and interactions studies


P47 William Brad O’DELL (National Institute of Standards and Technology – USA) Deuterium-Induced Limitations to Pro(aox1)-regulated protein overexpression in K. phaffii


P48 Iza OGRIS (National Institute of Chemistry – SI) Isotopic labelling of Muramyl ligase D for NMR studies of ligand-protein binding


P49 Lukasz OLEGINSKI (University of Maryland – USA) Selective Isotope Labeling to Facilitate RNA Structure and Dynamics Studies by NMR Spectroscopy


P50 Thibaut ORAND (IBS – FR) Structure and Dynamics of the Intrinsically Disordered Scaffold Protein JIP1 and Its Interaction With the MAP Kinase JNK


P51 Glaucia MS PINHEIRO (UNICAMP – BR) Investigation of the structure and function of Hsp40 (Sis1) by NMR


P52 Philip RößLER (ETH Zürich – CH) Advancements in the efficient production of isotopically labelled proteins in mammalian cells for NMR studies of high-molecular weight complexes


P53 Jack ROWBOTHAM (University of Oxford – UK) A novel biocatalytic platform for selective isotopic labelling of small molecules: applications in the NMR analysis of large proteins


P54 Benjamin ROWLINSON (University of York – UK) Selective isotopic unlabelling of proteins to aid protein structure elucidation by solution NMR spectoscopy


P55 Johannes SALOMONSSON (Linköping University - SE) Structural Basis for Selective Targeting of Proteasome Deubiquitinases by Enone-containing Compounds


P56 Germán Gustavo SGRO (Universidade de São Paulo – BR) Structural insights into the bacteria-killing Type IV Secretion System from Xanthomonas citri


P57 Rémy SOUNIER (University of Montpellier – FR) Linking opiates-selective signaling with distinct μ-opioid receptor conformations


P58 Tsutomu TERAUCHI (Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corp – JP) Preparation of residue- and site-selectively protonated large proteins using cell-free protein synthesis


P59 Laura TROUSSICOT (University of Gothenburg – SE) NMR, a molecular microscope to characterize the peroxiredoxin-Hsp70 interaction slowing down yeast aging


P60 Alicia VALLET (IBS- FR) NMRlib 2.1: User-friendly liquid and solid pulse sequence tools for Bruker NMR spectrometers


P61 Raphael VOGEL (University of Basel – CH) Isotopic labbeling for the determination of the Intrinsic paramagnetic χ-tensors of lanthanides


P62 Reto WALSER (Astex Pharmaceuticals – UK) Methyl labelling applications in drug discovery


P63 Anna WEHLIN (Linköping University – SE) Structural and functional characterization of PLA2G16


P64 Eiso AB (ZoBio BV – NL) A Complete Pipeline for Enabling Efficient and Timely NMR Structural Biology on Challenging Pharmaceutical Targets


P65 Adrien FAVIER (IBS – FR) Integrated NMR and cryo-EM atomic-resolution structure determination of a half-megadalton enzyme complex


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