Haribabu Arthanari (Harvard Medical School - Boston -USA): "Resolution beyond the Nyquist grid: Combining the amino acid specific information from pyruvate labeling with band selective pulses to extend the resolution for large systems"


• Pierre Barraud (IBPC- Paris- FR): "Time-resolved NMR monitoring of tRNA maturation"


• Ad Bax (NIH - Bethesda -USA): "Studies of protein folding, unfolding, and misfolding by rapid pressure jump NMR"


• Pau Bernado (CBS - Montpellier - FR):"Access to Atomic Resolution Structural Information of Homo-Repeats by NMR: The Huntingtin Case"


• Justin Benesch (University of Oxford - UK):"Quantitative biophysics – weighing the evidence for mechanism"


• Jerome Boisbouvier (IBS- Grenoble -FR): "Structural and Functional investigation of a 1 MDa chaperonin in action by solution NMR"


• Juli Feigon (University of California - Los Angeles -USA):"Integrative structural biology of regulatory RNPs: telomerase and 7SK"


• Frank Gabel (IBS - Grenoble - FR):"Small angle neutron scattering for structural biology and dynamics of large biomacromolecular complexes"


• Alvar Gossert (ETH - Zurich - CH): "NMR studies of proteins produced in eukaryotic cells – challenges in expression and NMR spectroscopy"


• Janosch Hennig (EMBL - Heildelberg -DE): "Segmental and sub-unit selective isotope labeling of protein-RNA complexes for structure determination, combining small-angle neutron scattering and other techniques"


• Mitsu Ikura (University of Toronto - CA): "Targeting KRAS on biological membranes"


• Junji Iwahara (University of Texas Galveston - USA): "Ion labeling for NMR investigations of protein-DNA interactions"


• Malene Ringkjobing Jensen (IBS - Grenoble -FR): "Elucidating the Dynamics of Intrinsically Disordered Protein Complexes by NMR Exchange Spectroscopy"


• Charalampos Kalodimos (St Jude Research Hospital - Memphis - USA):"Approaches for the structure determination of large, dynamic protein complexes by NMR"


• Christoph Kreutz (University of Innsbruck -AT):"Chemical tools to study nucleic acids via NMR spectroscopy"


• Guy Lippens (CNRS - Toulouse -FR): "Pure Shift methodology for fluxomics"


• Enrico Luchinat (CERM, University of Florence - IT): "Recent developments and applications of in-cell NMR in mammalian cells"


• Tobias Madl (University of Graz - AT): "Protein structure determination using surface-accessibility data"


• Katja Petzold (Karolinska Institute - Stockholm - SE):"MicroRNA’s Dynamics Influence Targeting of mRNA"


• Andres Ramos (University College London - UK): "Understanding combinatorial protein-RNA recognition in RNA regulation"


• Ichio Shimada (University of Tokyo - JP): "Function-related Dynamics of High Molecular Proteins"


Silke Wiesner (University of Regensburg - DE): "The importance of being inactive: Controlling the activity of ubiquitin ligases through restriction of conformational dynamics"


• Sophie Zinn-Justin (CEA Saclay - FR):"How does the nucleoskeleton interact with the inner nuclear membrane and chromatin?"


• Roman Zubarev (Karolinska Institute - Stockholm - SE):"Isotopic Resonance - the First 10 Years"

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