The lecture will start Tuesday March 26th at 9 am and will finish Friday March 29th at 1 pm. Lunchs and dinners, from tuesday to friday noon, will be offered to all registered AILM2019 attendees.


Confirmed Lecturers

Haribabu Arthanari (USA)


• Pierre Barraud (FR)


• Ad Bax (USA)


• Pau Bernado (FR)


• Justin Benesch (UK)


• Theodore Dayie (USA)


• Juli Feigon (USA)


• Frank Gabel (FR)


• Alvar Gossert (CH)


• Janosch Hennig (DE)


• Mitsu Ikura (CA)


• Junji Iwahara (USA)


• Malene Ringkjobing Jensen (FR)


• Masatsune Kainosho (JP)

• Charalampos Kalodimos (USA)


• Christoph Kreutz (AT)


• Guy Lippens (FR)


• Enrico Luchinat (IT)


• Tobias Madl (AT)


• Katja Petzold (SE)


• Sheena Radford (UK)


• Andres Ramos (UK)


Michael Sattler (DE)


• Ichio Shimada (JP)


• Gerhard Wagner (USA)


Silke Wiesner (DE)


• Sophie Zinn-Justin (FR)


• Roman Zubarev (SE)

Last news :

We still have few oral presentation slots available for late abstract submission.


Program is available here


• AILM2019 has been selected by CNRS "Ecole Thématique" program - Fellowships available for CNRS employees