Organizing Committee

Jerome Boisbouvier (IBS - Grenoble)

Bruno Kieffer (IGBMC - Strasbourg)

Michael Plevin (University of York - UK)

Carine Tisné (IBPC - Paris)



Scientific committee

• Jerome Boisbouvier (Grenoble - FR)

• Bruno Kieffer (Strasbourg - FR)

• Michael Plevin ( York - UK)

• Michael Sattler (München - DE)

• Carine Tisné (Paris -FR)

• Gerhard Wagner (Boston -USA)

• Silke Wiesner (Regensburg -DE)


Last news :

We still have few oral presentation slots available for late abstract submission.


Program is available here


• AILM2019 has been selected by CNRS "Ecole Thématique" program - Fellowships available for CNRS employees